Simple Psi Tester

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This game contains a strobe effect and rapidly flashing graphic elements.


How to play
Your goal is to keep the yellow circle away from the edges of the larger box for as long as you can using your focused intention.

If the circle attempts to cross the outside edges 10 times, the session will end.

The time of the session is displayed in milliseconds (thousandths of a second) at the upper left of the screen.

When you are done playing, you can click the Back button on your browser to return to this page or just close the window.

Center Box
For an extra challenge, try to keep the circle in the smaller center box! The total time in the center is displayed at the top of the screen.

The average game time from 1000 automated sessions, was ~35000 ms (35 seconds) and the average time in the center was ~9 seconds.
The time counters will turn green when your session runs longer than the average times.

Do your times improve with practice?

To Attain Wizard Status

Your Data
No data are collected about you or your session. You will need to use the old "pen and paper" method to keep track of your times.

The original version of this project was inspired by:
Radin, D. I. (1996). Towards a complex systems model of psi performance. Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine, 7, 35-70.

Created using Processing

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